Things Increasing Belly Fat and How to Fight Them

Things that add to belly fat include consuming too much sugar, fruit juice, alcohol, trans fat, not enough proteins, and not enough fiber. In addition, being inactive, being under stress, and not getting enough sleep also contributes to more belly fat. Furthermore, for some, genetics plays a role by causing fat to be stored in the abdomen. And, finally, for others, belly fat increases during menopause.

Other that genetics and menopause, you can do something about the other reasons that increase belly fat. First of all, change your diet to one that is healthy for your body and eat the right foods. Next, go from being inactive to gradually increase your activity level. For example, aerobic exercise such as walking is a good place to start. And, if you are able to, strengthen your muscles. Incidentally, the greater the muscle mass you build, the more fat gets burned even when you are resting. Also, ensure that you get adequate sleep and follow stress reduction techniques. Moreover, if you haven’t done so yet, stop smoking. And reduce your alcohol consumption. Most of all, persevere, because it takes time to lose belly fat.

Finally, it is best to not pick and choose the previous suggestions, but rather make room for all of them in your lifestyle. The infographic showcases these suggestions for reducing belly fat.